Monday, January 7, 2013

Smile Pao Revisited

Since this is my first posting of this new year, i would like to post something more cheerful as January can be a cold, dreary bummer  of a month. The only way to shake the desire to hibernate until spring, i had to cook or bake something that puts a smile not only on my face but a smile to everyone who enjoys eating these Smile Pao. 

I have found that the previous recipe makes lovely smiling paos, the dough has to tweaked to get the texture not to stick to the teeth.   I realised that fermentation will turn flour into starch and starch is responsible for stickiness, so this time around, i have omitted the wheat starch and used 5 tablespoons flour instead.  I would have loved to use pao flour but unfortunately i am out of it, so i used bleached all-purpose flour.  The starter dough was left on the counter for more than 24 hours and it still makes good smiling paos,  it was still ok cos my kitchen was pretty cold even with the heater on.

Recipe : 

 Follow Smile Pao but replaced 2 tbsp wheat starch with pao flour(preferably) and Smile Pao Improved, also refer to Smile Pao Improved Continuation, Smile Pao Improved Final, Starter Dough For Smile Char Siew Pao

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