Saturday, November 10, 2012

Conchas/Mexican Buns

Have you ever felt like you have been burned out from blogging?  After blogging for so many years, since 2005, i felt like i am running out of juice.  Lately, i have a lot of aches and pains,  my friend said that i could be suffering from 'A G E', i asked if it was serious and she gave me a straight face which made me want to run to ER and ask if i really have 'A G E'.  I felt so silly when she broke up and laughed her heart out, then she said that i am not young any more and that struck me that she was pulling my leg, yes, i am suffering from 'age'.  After 6 decades of standing improperly, the poor muscles must be off-balanced and causing all these aches and pains.  I am not defeated yet, running out of juice maybe but, i am still cooking and baking.  

I love making sweet breads and when we were in Cancun, Mexico, i saw these attractive bread selling in all the bakeries there and had to look for the recipe.  This attractive bread is Conchas, they are Mexican shell-shaped pastries.  The lightly sweet bread has a sugar-shell pattern on top.  “Conchas” have existed since the early 1930s as it was cited in print in Texas newspapers, so we don't have to go to Mexico to enjoy these bread, just go to TEXAS, but TEXAS is 14 - 18 hours away, so i have to make some and i did.  I made them with this sweet bread recipe which have never failed to produce the best sweet bread ever.  This recipe has been passed on to all my friends and they all loved it, it has now been like a song lyrics to me when anyone wants the recipe.  

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