Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Kaya Rich Egg Custard Improved

Kaya is a food spread/curd  or custard made from coconut milk,eggs,and sugar. It is wildly popular in Malaysia and in the malay language the word kaya means rich, hence represents the texture. To acquire perfect texture, requires patience and slow cooking under low heat is the way to go.  Knowing me, the most impatient side of me, must find ways and means to achieve with the least amount of effort.  I have found that making this Kaya - Rich Egg Custard  is possible in the microwave and with an addition of one more ingredient, the custard now is no fail if you should follow the instruction of cooking it low and slow

I have added a little STARCH to the recipe and it helps to prevent the eggs from overcooking and gives more lead way to the success of the egg rich mixture.  The starch molecules slow protein coagulation, making the egg proteins more resistant to curdling..

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