Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Kaya Rich Egg Custard Improved

Kaya is a food spread/curd  or custard made from coconut milk,eggs,and sugar. It is wildly popular in Malaysia and in the malay language the word kaya means rich, hence represents the texture. To acquire perfect texture, requires patience and slow cooking under low heat is the way to go.  Knowing me, the most impatient side of me, must find ways and means to achieve with the least amount of effort.  I have found that making this Kaya - Rich Egg Custard  is possible in the microwave and with an addition of one more ingredient, the custard now is no fail if you should follow the instruction of cooking it low and slow

I have added a little STARCH to the recipe and it helps to prevent the eggs from overcooking and gives more lead way to the success of the egg rich mixture.  The starch molecules slow protein coagulation, making the egg proteins more resistant to curdling..

Wednesday, February 18, 2015



Saturday, January 17, 2015

Homemade Powdered Mushroom

I am always learning new things and if i discover an ingredient or technique which is inexpensive, i would try is out. If it is a good thing, i will certainly share it with all my readers. It has been a rage in the food world a while ago and still is, an important item in the pantry. It is mushroom powder which will add much-desired 'umami' to everything you cook. What is 'umami'? It is that ubiquitous flavor that no one can really pin down and that is best described as a 'meaty' flavor. Being asian, i love dried shitake mushrooms more than other dehydrated mushrooms and will always have stock of these shitake mushrooms anytime. Have you wondered what you should do with the stalks of these dehydrated mushrooms? I would usually reserve them for soups as they are too woody and fibrous to consume. But now i have discovered that i could turn them into 'mushroom powder' saving an arm or a leg as Magic Mushroom Powder selling online is costly. You could use the whole cap of the shitake instead of the stalks but i prefer to keep the caps for soups, stew and stir-fries for their wonderful texture and flavor. Now you will ask - how to use 'mushroom powder? you use it as an enhancer like MSG. Add this enhancer to your cooking for an extra 'wow' factor, it is a natural ingredient. Be sure to add this enhancer at the end of the cooking time like you would normally do with MSG and use it sparingly as a little goes a long way.

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