Thursday, April 19, 2012

Smile Pau/Bao Improved Final

What a surprise!!!  I have finally managed to get into Blogger after some mind blogging tasks, so early in the morning, brain is still in the sleeping mode.  I am staring at the new format and my brain is trying to get accustomed it.  I tried loading pictures as i have promised to show before steaming and after steaming the paus/baos and i am delighted to find out that i am now able to select several pictures at one time, just like it used to be, a long time ago.  Thank you Blogger, for bringing back this feature.  

Below, i have numbered every pau/bao that i have pleated and took a picture of it before steaming it and then another picture of it after steaming.  I have tried my best to figure out how to get a uniform smile but these paus/baos have a mind of their own, they will smile however they like and with attitude.  Which Smile do you like?  I like the one that split uniformly like a blossom and i have found that if i gather the pleats neatly , it will and might split like blossom.  The ones that i twisted, split like the map of the world, it is not so easy to pleat with this recipe as the dough is so soft.  Need many credit hours and that too might not ensure that it will work despite all the practice.    Well, at least they cracked and the taste is there, accept it lily, they are hand-made and rustic.

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