Monday, March 17, 2014

St Patrick's Day Corned Beef Dinner

Happy St Patrick's Day to all who is celebrating.  We celebrated with our friends who is of irish decent with a corned beef, potatoes and cabbage dinner.  How else?  this is how this chinese lady celebrate any festival or events, no fuss no muss, just eat.  This chinese lady nearly did not get dinner ready in time,  i had misread the cooking instructions on the bag of corned beef,  i saw 1 hour and did not read the rest, so, i thought i just cook the slab of corned beef one and a half hour before dinner.  But, before i started cooking, i re-read and oh my, it is 1 hour for every pound of corned beef and i have 3 pounds!!!!.  So, think fast,  ok, out came the pressure cooker, my saviour,  put in 1/2 inch of water, put a saucer to raise the corned beef and pressurized the meat for 20 minutes.  The corned beef is fork tender now,  into the oven it went sitting on a bed of potatoes.  There is a chinese or rather cantonese saying, - chor yau chor cheok meaning a wrong turned for the better - I saved a couple of hours of electricity.

To go with the corned beef dinner, i made Irish Soda Bread which was good with a  large dab of butter and i will post this recipe asap.  

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