Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Smile Pau/Bao Improved Continuation

 As promised, i am sharing how to finish making the pau/bao.  In my next post i will share pictures of the pleated paus/bao before steaming and after steaming.

Weigh 35 gm of dough

Roll out 35 gm of dough into a 4 inch disk

Put in the center of disk 2 tsp of char siew filling

Take filled disk onto your left hand(right if you are left-handed)

Seal the filling with the edges of disk as neatly as possible.  The more even the pleating the better the smile.  Place pleated pau onto a piece of parchment paper.

Place pau to steam. 

The water in the steamer pot has to VERY VERY BOILING


Place steamer rack onto steamer and cover with tight-fitting lid. I am steaming 1 pau/bao at a time for demonstration purposes, in this small spaghetti pot, i was about to steam 3 pau/bao.  Do not crowd as there might not be enough steam to create a smile.


Set timer for 5 minutes.  My apologies, 2 seconds went by before i could focus the camera

After 5 minutes, steamed pau is smiling and ready

Come back to see my next post, i promise a very interesting post full of pictures of before and after paus/baos


Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,

Thanks for such a detailed demo of your

"smile pau ". Will certainly give your

" smile pau " a go !

Happy Cooking !

Judy Lim

Anonymous said...

Hello :) I'm new here, so you have the recipe for the filling? Also do you know how much dough would I use measuring in grams? Thank you so much for your recipe! It looks delicious! :)

lilyng said...


you can find the recipe for how to make char siew and the sauce here

for one pau/bao, i used 35 gms.

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