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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Japanese Style Spinach

This Japanese specialty is know as O-hitashi and is a simple to prepare side dish for chicken or fish, such as salmon or tuna. What i made might not be called O-histashi as i have changed the dressing to my taste. Well, whatever, not only is this recipe simple to prepare, it only needed everyday ingredients, plus water and two very simple, quick cooking techniques - blanching and dry-toasting.  Some easy plating tricks, will at the end, result to something that is visually quite stunning, delicious and healthy too.  

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Love Fried Rice For Valentine's Day

According to Wiki,  Qixi Festival (Chinese: 七夕), also known as the Qiqiao Festival (Chinese: 乞巧節), is a Chinese festival that celebrates the annual meeting of the cowherd and weaver girl in Chinese mythology and this festival is the chinese Valentine's Day.  Although the chinese does not celebrate Valentine's Day like the West does by giving flowers and gifts, they demonstrate their love by cooking their favorite foods.  and since rice is a symbol of life itself, to the chinese, and we have all heard the line that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”  For sure, who doesn’t love a great meal, especially when someone cooks it for you?  You do not have to spend alot of time and money, just fry these simple fried rice following these recipes.  I have shared 2 ways and these ways are the simpliest ways to good fried rice.

Please give me a feedback if you should woo your love ones if you should cook this,


Monday, December 30, 2013


Can you believe the end of the year is already here? It has gone by so quickly, with a blink of an eye, a few pinches of this, a handful of that and lots of sprinkles with  garnished passion, this year has gone by under my nose, but a new year of hope and prosperity awaits.  A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to all family and friends.

I find that making POPOVERS at the end of the year is appropriate, POP the old year and bring OVER the goodness to the new year to come.

The popover is an American version of Yorkshire pudding in England. These impressive popovers have only a few humble ingredients - eggs, milk, flour, salt and butter and they make your meal special.  Made well they should have large crowns, lightly crisp. golden brown exteriors and tender, moist, airy interiors crisscrossed with custardy webs of dough.  This recipe is adapted from America's Test Kitchen and unlike most popover batters, this one is smooth, not lumpy.  HIGH HEAT is crucial to the speedy, high rise of these popovers. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Siew Cheong a.k.a. Roasted Sausages

Ah posting!!!!!, I am sure that you all realsied that my postings are crawling, I know, you know.  I need to feel passionate about what I post but i am in a bit of a slump.   It is easy to post a slumpy one but who wants to read it.  Well slumpy or not, this posting might not be worth the reading but the recipes that follow have been in my mind to share for the longest ever. 

I have been wanting to eat these Siew Cheong/Roasted Sausages and not being able to get them here in the States, have to copycat and make some.  It has been so long that i have tasted these sausages and can only recall that they are delicious.  Strangely, i have not eaten these sausages on its own but always come as an accompliment to a large bowl of soup sa hor fun with pork square balls.  Craving for this bowl of soup sa hor fun can only be satisfied by first, making some siew cheong, second, is to make The Square Pork Balls, of which i will share 'How To' in my next posting, then lastly will share how to put them all together, for the most craved bowl of soup sa hor fun.  The siew cheong turned out pretty similar to the real mccoy in taste but no so in size, the sausage casings that i have are for chinese lap cheong, so they are very much thinner.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Armenian Eggplant Spread

Here's an easy roasted eggplant spread which can be a dip, or side dish, or sandwich stuffer or pasta topper, that takes less than ten minutes of work time and can be made in advance.  Although the presented dish is a brown mass of suspicious looking stuff, never mind the suspicions,  it is awfully delicious no wonder some calls this - Russian Caviar.  To me this is more appetizing than the real Mccoy.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ddeokbokki - Stir Fried Rice cake with Gochujang Sauce

What is the difference between 'Ddeok' and 'Nian Gao'?  'Ddeok' is of Korean origin and 'Nian Gao' is chinese(Shanghainese).  The only similarity is that they are both Rice Cake, the shapes might defer but the texture of the cake is the same - bland and chewy.  You might be surprised to hear that ddeokbokki (Korean) originated from the royal palace in the Chosun dynasty. At that time they used soya sauce instead of gochujang paste, and the King had this Gungjung Ddeokbokki on New Year's day. Gungjung means “palace” in English.  The chinese too serve this 'Nian Gao' on New Year's day, is this coincidental or what?????.  There you go!

This Ddeokbokki that i am sharing will probably taste a bit different from the ones you may have tasted before but you should definitely give this a try. It has a very clean, spicy and sweet taste that’s quite addictive.  Be prepared to have alot of jaw exercise and my apologies to all who have partials.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Korean Seasoned Spinach (Sigeumchi Namul)

 Remember Popeye?   I do cos i was called Olive, his girlfriend, for the longest ever.  I supposedly looked like her in my teens, skinny as a stick, tall with a small head.  Popeye, the cartoon character Popeye the Sailor Man ,  is portrayed as having a strong affinity for Spinach.  He squeezes cans of spinach into his mouth and instantly developed muscles and super strength  becoming physically stronger after consuming it. he may have been protecting himself against various illnesses as Spinach has a high nutritional value and is extremely rich in antioxidants, especially when fresh, steamed, or quickly boiled. 

Sigeumchi namul is a simple Korean side dish made with spinach. Namul is the general term that refers to a seasoned vegetable dish, and sigeumchi is spinach. There are many recipes to this dish.  Although the cooking method and seasonings vary, the vegetables are typically blanched first and then dressed with seasonings. This is my version of this side dish which i love to serve.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Korean Style-kong Namul Muchim/Soyabean sprout salad

What is Banchan?  Banchan (pronounced "bonchon") refers to the assorted sides served alongside a main course in Korean cuisine. About 2 to 12  banchan are served at any meal;  are served in small portions, meant to be finished at each meal and are replenished during the meal if not enough.  To me, the most important and well-known is kimchi, follow by cucumber kimchi ,daikon kimchi, soybean sprout salad, seasoned spinach and many more.  As promised, i will try to post the banchan that i so often cooked when we have a korean bbq meal.

Friday, September 9, 2011


When Don from Simplybest From Food and Life posted Gravlax, i told her that i have not tasted Gravlax before and she gave me a lengthy tutorial on how to cure the salmon.  Don and I chat on skype ever so often and it does not necessary the both of us, when we see Peng online, she will be added to the conference and the three of us will chat until the cows come home, that is 'the cows in Germany'. I knew Don from way back when food forums were very popular, we were very active members and we met many other members who were just as passionate in cooking and baking. Although most food forums died naturally, our friendship continued to another level, we chat on skype.

Nothing new or exciting ever happen in Aurora(this is my opinion only) but  when  IKEA officially opened its store, almost all coloradans had to visit it and that included yours truly.  It caused massive congestion, not only the traffic was affected, the queue in the food court was more than a mile long.  My daughter, Sandra and i had ample time to choose what we would like to eat as the line was long.....and while we were nearing the dish  that we like, the lady in front of us, pointing to the dish and saying out loud - How digusting !!!!!.  Sandra looked at me and i returned eye contact with her and wondered???? What is wrong with the Gravlax  Salad that we wanted to eat so badly?  We looked at all the plates of Gravlax Salad on display, they looked perfectly fine. They turned out to be the best salad i have ever eaten.(i am not a salad fan).  After tasting that delicious cured salmon, i thought of Don's tutorial and i must get some salmon fillets for curing.  I have always mentioned to friends that if you wish hard enough, you will get your wish granted.  I wished i had salmon fillets and i had a box of freshly caught salmon from Alaska, frozen and perfectly packed.  Thank you Andy for fulfilling my wish, now i can make Gravlax .   i did cure 2 pieces of salmon and they were better than what i had for lunch at IKEA.   Thank you Don and Andy , i hope you will cure some following this recipe. This recipe is for one pound of salmon fillet and you would have to calculate the other ingredients according to the weight of the salmon fillets.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Twice Baked Potatoes

Potatoes need no introduction and bla bla bla about how good and bad they are.  I just would like to let you all know about toxicity in potatoes. I am sure many of us did not realise that potato plant poisoning occurs when someone eats the green tubers or new sprouts of the potato plant. The poison is found throughout the plant, but especially in green potatoes and new sprouts. Never eat potatoes that are spoiled or green below the skin, always throw away the sprouts  (the green is due to a high concentration of the glycoalkaloid poison).  Potatoes that are not green and have had any sprouts removed are safe to eat.  Read more from

I had the most embarassing moment showing my ignorance of my cantonese language.  I have always known the Potato in cantonese is 'Shi Chai' and i also know that there is a vegetable which is called  'Shi Chai Choy'.  If i translate 'Shi Chai Choy'  into english, it would be 'The leaves or shoots of the potato plant'.  OK, here is the embarassing moment - when a friend in Los Angeles told me that he was able to plant 'Shi Chai Choy' and the plant thrived very well in his garden, i was excited and asked if he ever got any potatoes from the root.  He laughed his head off and i did not know how stupid i was.  Then he told me - aunty lily, 'shi chai' is 'small tree' - shi for tree and chai for small/baby.  See, you never cease to learn no matter how old you are but i still do not know why potato is called 'shi chai'.  Calling it 'holland shi' made more sense - the dutch could have introduced it when they were in Malacca.

Now back to the recipe that i am sharing, Twice Baked Potatoes.  It is a very popular side dish that goes well with any meat or poultry and is healthier than fries.

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