Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean Cake -

It was my grandson Alexander's 7th birthday and the theme this year was Lego Pirates of the Caribbean.  Thank goodness they were pirates, i was so untidy and Jack Sparrow looked like he did not have a bath for a long long time.  It was fine with Black Beard as his beard covered up his dirty face.  Davy Jones was scary enough, his squid beard was more bushy to start with and some fell off.  

I used large pretzels for the mast and chocolate porky sticks to hold the sails.  The pirate logo on the sail was painted, i just could not get the skull to be scary, it kept grinning at me, it must have belonged to Casper, The Friendly Ghost.  I ended rolling out some teeth from fondant and stuck them there.  There you go, it looked dead now.  The swords too were made from fondant.  As you can see Tootsie Roll saved me from a lot of rolling as it took me more than an hour to get the brown color right and my fingers were all cramped from kneading.  I was glad the brown turned out alright.  A friend commented that she liked the wood grain on the ship , i just thanked her and did not reveal that i actually wanted a mono brown but was too tired to knead anymore.  Coconut shavings mixed with blue food coloring made a very rough sea i should say.

The children at the party were so excited and could not believe that the pirate ship can be eaten, they kept on touching every item there was and they sang the birthday song at fast speed so that they could attack the cake as soon as the candle was blown.  They picked on the
Tootsie Rolls etc and even ate the sails.  I bet they had a lovely time as there were more candies from the pinata.  


Black Beard

Jack Sparrow

Davy Jones


Phong Hong said...

That is so awesome! You must have spent many hours on that project. Your grandson is so lucky!

Jenni said...

So cute and so much attention to detail! I love it:)

sandrine said...

Wow! You are the GREATEST grandma! I want to be your grandchild :)
What a beautiful cake!

Jennifer said...

Wow..lots of effort to do the cake..nice piece of art!

Yxl Ian said...

oh,it's great,I like the cake,I like Pirates of the Caribbean~~

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