Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wedding Cake - Double Happiness

I am still in sort of a shocking mode and this shocking experience had to be shared so that it is a reminder for myself and those who are going to attempt to use Fondant on a cake.  I would like to give caution to all these tips and to heed them with utmost importance so that you will not be in this same situation which i went through.  My greatest fear is that a cake will not be ready in perfect condition for the occasion, so i made the cakes way ahead and if it does not turn out well to my liking, i will have enough time to make more cakes.  The cakes turned out well, flat topped, only with slightly rounded edges.  I thought i could increase the height of the cake by not slicing away the round edges but this is the worst thought which will turn into a nightmare.  By not LEVELLING THE CAKES and using more buttercream to surffice the levelling, the possibility of the fondant will bulge and this was exactly what happened.  This cake was for a wedding rehearsal dinner on friday and i had it ready on Thursday - Good job, no stress and it looked so beautiful.  But wait, a few hours later, i noticed that one side of the fondant had a bulge.  What happened?????  i knew i smoothed out the fondant as well as i could.  Well, i tried to rid of the bulge but it did not improved.  Sandra said it was not noticeable but to me this was not acceptable.  So, i let it be for the night, come morning, i tried improving but the more i do, the worst it became.  So, i decided that i have to make a new fondant layer.  When i removed the fondant, the cake was so soft and did not hold it's shape.  What was i going to do????  All i could do was just stared at the cake in disbelieve.  Stay calm, don't panic!!!  It was already 11.00 am and the dinner is at 5.30 pm.  I don't think that i had any choices but to start making the cakes again.  Preheat 2 ovens and started mixing the ingredients for the cake.  Somehow, luck was with me, the cakes turned out good and all i had to do was to cool it fast.  As soon as it cooled slightly, i managed to find space in the freezer and put them in to cool.  In the meantime,  i made the buttercream.  As soon as the cakes were cooled enough,  i LEVELLED the cakes as level as possible and sandwiched them with the buttercream and iced the whole cake.  Back in the freezer for a short while, just to harden the buttercream.  I have already made a batch of fondant early in the morning, so by now, it should be ready to be rolled out.  The fondant application went on well and i managed to put back all the decorations by 3.00 pm.  What a task?  I am still amazed that the cake was actually ready.  Now, for the next task, i had to get the cake to the dinner party and being noted as the Queen of Lost, i had to call for directions 3 - 4 times before i arrived safely.  

I wished i had read these tips from The Cake Boss Preventing Bulging before i started to attempt making a Fondant Cake. 


Chocolate Cakes

Buttercream (Recipe is from Design Me A Cake

Fondant (The recipe and video on How to make Marshmallow Fondant is HERE

Gumpaste for the decorations (The recipe and video on How to make Gumpaste HERE

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