Monday, March 21, 2011

Renee's 9th Birthday Cake

Renee will be turning NINE on March 23rd and celebrated with a birthday party for her classmates last Saturday.  What a lovely day it was, the sun was shinning but unfornately the kids were not able to play outside as it was too windy.  I hope the kids enjoyed the party and i am sure they did have fun, dancing, doing the Limbo and high jump.  Can't imagine that a blow-up stick can provide such good entertaining..  My proudest moment was when i saw the expressions on the children's faces when they saw the birthday cake, i think i have achieved my tasks, they recognized all the Pokeman characters on the cake. 

I have always wanted to iced a cake with Fondant and make figurines with Gumpaste and i finally buck up courage to try to make this cake for Renee.  I spend some time watching videos on How to and took a week to make the figurines, cake and all.  I have not seen an actual cake iced with fondant before and how it should be but in my mind, i think i can do it and i did do it.  Now that it was done, i can say that it was not that difficult as i expected it to be.  These videos on How to make Marshmellow Fondant, Crumb Coating and Covering with Fondant  helped alot.

I made a Marbled Cake with this Yellow Butter Cake recipe - doubled the amount for a 10 inch and a 8 inch round cakes.

For the Marshmellow Fondant, I made 1/2 a recipe which is:

8 ozs mini marshmellows
4 cups sifted confectioners'/powdered sugar(i did not have to use all the 4 cups)
2 tbsp water
1/2 tsp vanillin

Watch the above 2 videos and follow the instructions.

I used Gumpaste for the Pokemon Characters and the recipe is:

4 egg whites
2 lbs confectioners'/powdered sugar - sifted
12 tsp TYLOSE powder (use only 10 tsps if you are in high altitute)

How to make Edible Sugar Glue

Renee's requested 9 Pokemon Characters with Patchirissu as the favorite.

The other 8 are:








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