Monday, March 21, 2011

Renee's 9th Birthday Cake

Renee will be turning NINE on March 23rd and celebrated with a birthday party for her classmates last Saturday.  What a lovely day it was, the sun was shinning but unfornately the kids were not able to play outside as it was too windy.  I hope the kids enjoyed the party and i am sure they did have fun, dancing, doing the Limbo and high jump.  Can't imagine that a blow-up stick can provide such good entertaining..  My proudest moment was when i saw the expressions on the children's faces when they saw the birthday cake, i think i have achieved my tasks, they recognized all the Pokeman characters on the cake. 

I have always wanted to iced a cake with Fondant and make figurines with Gumpaste and i finally buck up courage to try to make this cake for Renee.  I spend some time watching videos on How to and took a week to make the figurines, cake and all.  I have not seen an actual cake iced with fondant before and how it should be but in my mind, i think i can do it and i did do it.  Now that it was done, i can say that it was not that difficult as i expected it to be.  These videos on How to make Marshmellow Fondant, Crumb Coating and Covering with Fondant  helped alot.

I made a Marbled Cake with this Yellow Butter Cake recipe - doubled the amount for a 10 inch and a 8 inch round cakes.

For the Marshmellow Fondant, I made 1/2 a recipe which is:

8 ozs mini marshmellows
4 cups sifted confectioners'/powdered sugar(i did not have to use all the 4 cups)
2 tbsp water
1/2 tsp vanillin

Watch the above 2 videos and follow the instructions.

I used Gumpaste for the Pokemon Characters and the recipe is:

4 egg whites
2 lbs confectioners'/powdered sugar - sifted
12 tsp TYLOSE powder (use only 10 tsps if you are in high altitute)

How to make Edible Sugar Glue

Renee's requested 9 Pokemon Characters with Patchirissu as the favorite.

The other 8 are:









Anncoo said...

Aunty Lily, This is amazing. The birthday cake is really very pretty cake. You're a supper grandma :))
Happy Birthday to Renee!

Anonymous said...

Aunty Lily, Renee is a very very lucky girl. Its simply awesome!

busygran said...

The best birthday gift one can give is the hours of love and 'sweat' that goes into the birthday cake! You're awesome!

tsamo said...

That is amazing!! Renee is a very very special girl.

SP said...

WOW!!!! Aunty Lily this cake is BEAUTIFUL!!!

vietfoodrecipes said...

What a lovely cake! Happy Birthday Renee!


Jennifer said...

hi lily,

if no microwave, how to melt the mashmellows? can use double boil method and melt over stove fire?

lilyng said...


guess you could use the double boil method but remember to gress the bowl and the spatula.wooden spoon.

kim said...

can u pls let me know how much sugar being used i want to try ..if u can specify the amount of sugar that would be great

lilyng said...


the amount sugar for the cake, marshmellow fondant and gumpaste is in the recipe.

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