Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Alexander's 6th Birthday Cake

My grandson, Alexander turned six on 26th July but his birthday party was posponed cos there was a freak accident which burned him quite badly.  He had to have a skin graft and it was done a few days before his birthday.  Thank goodness he has recovered well and we celebrated his birthday with several of his Grade 1 classmates.  He wanted his cake to be like Renee's, with all the Pokeman characters but i told him that the cake will be too big and convinced him to have only Picachu and promised that Picachu will be playing tennis, his favorite (or his Dad's) sport, anyway his team was Sport Balls.

Follow the recipe for the cake, sugarpaste and fondant from Renee's 9th Birthday Cake

Bake cupcakes from the same cake recipe and frost with Buttercream
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