Saturday, May 14, 2011

Coach Handbag Cake

The family has been invited to celebrate a birthday of our dearest friend and it is difficult to buy her a gift, so i decided to make her one.  Since i have had a go at making cakes with fondant, i have  to make a handbag cake.  The celebration is at a restaurant 25 miles away, then after dinner, we will have to adjourned to her house which is another 25 miles away.  Will the handbag cake stand the journey. standing up like most 3-D handbags?  I am not taking the chance. with all the rain that we had, the roads here are hole -ier and should be renamed - Church Road.  So, the handbag cake has to lie down. like as if it is packed in a box.  I am not trusting the flimsy cardboard box and has put the cake on to my cake carrier.  It would look so much more like the real Mccoy of a Coach Handbag instead of a cake, but well, it is a cake and accept all the imperfections along with it.  Happy Birthday Dearest Friend, B and in cantonese  - Leen Leen Yau Kum Yat,  Sui Sui Yau Kum Chwee,  Fook Yee Thoong Hoi,  Sau Pei Lam San. 

The cake is The Yellow Butter Cake which is covered with Marshmallow Fondant and crumb coated with Buttercream

The Scraf is made of Marshmallow Fondant and the Coach Logo is created, by using an alphabet C cutter.  Cut the same numbers of Cs from the Scraf and from a lighter shade of fondant.  Remove the Cs from the Scraf and fill them up with the lighter shade Cs, arranging them accordingly.  This Scraf has to be made ahead for it to dry out and form into a Bow.

The Coach Logo is the design from Coach's Latest Arrivals and a clean Phillips Screw Head screwdriver.

I had wanted to paint the Zipper, the clasp and the ring with silver color dust but ran out of time, so it was left as is.


Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

Look beautiful, well done.

Rebecca Lee said...

Lily,you are horrible smart !! Improved so much and now this hand bag is so real. Good job !! Thank you for sharing. I'm sure your friend wanted to cry out when she see the cake !! As you took time and pain to make it looked so real !! On top of the 50 miles and hours in between it. Luckily it did not changed into a blue pancake !! Ha !!

Penang Nyonya said...

Wow! Fantastic job!

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