Tuesday, May 3, 2011

No More Domed Cake

If you have been baking as much i did, you would understand how frustrating it must be when the cakes you baked come out of the oven domed and they needed to be levelled for layering. 

Levelling the cake is not as bad as cleaning up the crumbs that have fallen out, i hated picking up all the crumbs and would use the hand-held vacumn to suck them and it helped. 

I have been experimenting  and found 3 ways of how to bake the cake as level as possible and i would like to share the first one.

The cake will be levelled and not domed if a Flower Nail is used.  A Flower Nail is a cake decorating tool which provides the control you need when piping icing flowers and it is available in all craft stores.

The Flower Nail has to be greased well with butter or shortening before using.

Place the greased flower nail in the middle of the lined greased cake pan before pouring in the cake batter.

The cake is levelled after baking.   Let cake cool for 5 - 10 minutes before removing from cake pan and then remove the flower nail.


Brown Cookie Blog said...

Genuis! Is it because the air escapes in a different way?

Happy Flour said...

Thanks for sharing.:) It's a very useful trick.

Sunflower said...

Great tip will give it a try. My experience is electric fan oven will make cakes doomed more than non fan oven. Gas oven makes better flat cakes.

Thicker the cake mix the more it will doom unless the temperature is lowered.

My tip to share is put something right above the cake you want to level, like bake another cake or place a rack with an empty baking sheet right above the cake.

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Oh wow! Thanks for posting this Lily! Will get some Flower nail to try it when I bake my next cake.

lilyng said...

brown cookie blog

i think the heat in the flower nail behaves the same way as the tube in the tube pan, which aids the cooking of the batter from the center as well.

lilyng said...


thanks for your valuable tip.

i have not baked with a gas oven for a long time but i remembered that the gas oven i used in malaysia made pretty good level cakes but it took longer to cook, perhaps the heat was lower.

Su-Lin said...

Oh wow, I always have the domed cake problem - will definitely have to try this and Sunflower's tricks! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi A fe days back I stumbled on one blog under My favourite blogs and found a recipe on lemon cake. Is there a way to trace back the bog history in your page?

lilyng said...


i am sorry i am not able to help.

Rebecca said...

Thank you Lily for sharing this little tip but make our cake much pretty. Oh yes, I found out that if we add in some Ovalett while we beat the egg with sugar, the cake ended up be more smoother in texture. When you cut the cake, no crumbs will fall !! I asked my daughter's husband when he served us with some cakes, he refused to tell, saying it was a secret.

Anonymous said...

Dear lily, I came across one of your recipe on yellow butter cake replacing potato starch to a portion of SR flour, i have tried replacing potato flour before, the cakes taste good but it's a little gummy in the centre and dense. After reading your recipe I realise it should be potato starch and not potato flour, I will try this out when I next make a cake. I would like you to share something, when filling the cake pan how much of better to be filled half, two thirds or 3/4 so that i can get a good height of cake.


lilyng said...


it actually depends, if they are supposed to be layered, then divide the batter equally amongst/between the cake pans. If you are baking a whole cake, then i would prefer 2/3. If there is too much batter, the risen cake has no more sides to cling on to and will domed however you try to prevent it.

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