Tuesday, May 3, 2011

No More Domed Cake

If you have been baking as much i did, you would understand how frustrating it must be when the cakes you baked come out of the oven domed and they needed to be levelled for layering. 

Levelling the cake is not as bad as cleaning up the crumbs that have fallen out, i hated picking up all the crumbs and would use the hand-held vacumn to suck them and it helped. 

I have been experimenting  and found 3 ways of how to bake the cake as level as possible and i would like to share the first one.

The cake will be levelled and not domed if a Flower Nail is used.  A Flower Nail is a cake decorating tool which provides the control you need when piping icing flowers and it is available in all craft stores.

The Flower Nail has to be greased well with butter or shortening before using.

Place the greased flower nail in the middle of the lined greased cake pan before pouring in the cake batter.

The cake is levelled after baking.   Let cake cool for 5 - 10 minutes before removing from cake pan and then remove the flower nail.
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