Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Finale - The Day of Thanksgiving

Hey, don't be so long-winded and start the action.  The turkey has to be on the table by dinner time and you are still ya-dy-ya-ya. 

Alright - action for today:

Take turkey out of freezer and if you have not prepared the utensils for roasting as suggested in the recipe High Roast Turkey.

The turkey this year is less than 14 pounds so it will definitely be ready by 80 minutes.  So, my roasting will start at 2.00 pm and should be ready before 4.00 pm, in time for dinner.

Before roasting begins, there is potato to mash and desserts to prepare.  Oops, don't forget to heat up the turkey gravy. 

Thank goodness for Potluck dinners,  the stress is lessened and the hostess will not be like HUP SING from the tv series BONANZA and will have time to enjoy the dinner with her family and friends.
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