Sunday, December 18, 2011

Koledna Pitka Bulgarian Christmas Bread

I had wanted to bake something Chrismas and instead of heading the cookie way, decided to make bread   I know that bread is baked and shared on Chrismas time in most european countries.  I googled and found this recipe which looked easy.  I fell in love with it the moment i set eyes on the google image of this bread.  This bread recipe is from and it says that this bread is typically eaten on Christmas Eve and throughout the holidays. There are many ways to shape this bread, but I think this sunflower look is most festive and i agree totally,  Often, a silver coin is tucked inside and the one to find it should expect good luck in the coming year,  I do not own a silver coin, so it was omitted, guessed we would have to expect good luck in another way.  This recipe requires only one rise and since i used the breadmachine, the dough had a first rise in the breadmachine and another before baking, in this case, more could be better, i hope i am right.  The bread turned out so deliciously pretty that i think i can feel the good luck by just looking at it.


•4 large eggs (reserving 1 egg yolk to brush on bread)
•1 cup water
•1 tablespoon salt
•2 tablespoons sugar
•2.2 pounds all-purpose flour
•2 tsp instant yeast
•4 tbsps softened butter

Oil/Melted butter for brushing


Put all the ingredients according to the order starting with liquid and end with instant yeast, into the breadmachine bowl and start the dough function.  Let the breadmachine knead and check to see if dough is too dry, add 1 tablespoon water at a time or if it too wet add 1 tablespoon flour at a time until desired consistency.  Knead until smooth and pliable, then add the butter and allow the dough function to complete.

When dough function is done, divide dough into 7 equal-size balls. Place 1 ball in the center of a greased 12-inch baking tray like a pizza pan without a lip. Cover with greased plastic wrap while you roll each of the other balls into 10-inch circles and, using a pizza cutter, cut into 8 triangular pieces. Lightly brush the top of each triangular piece with oil or melted butter. Stack three pieces on top of each other. Twist to form a cone. Repeat with remaining dough. You will have 16 "cones." Arrange these around the center ball of dough with the wide side of the cone facing out. Cover and let rise until almost doubled.

Heat oven to 375 degrees.

Slash an "X" in middle ball of risen dough.

Brush bread all over with remaining beaten egg yolk mixed with 1 tablespoon water.

Bake about 20 minutes and if it is browning too fast, cover top loosely with foil and bake until instant-read thermometer registers 190 degrees when inserted in the thickest part of the dough.

Remove to a wire rack to cool completely.

Pull off "cones" for individual servings.


Fern Ng (Angie Khoo) said...


Your bread looks gorgeous and hard to resist.( come eat me......)Ha,ha.!

Would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Rebecca Lee said...

Thank you so much Lily for posting this lovely Sunflower bun. As it needs only 930 gm all purpose flour as Bread flour is double in price in Pg !! I will bake it today if I can.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

Mary said...

Lily, this is just beautiful. Time is getting short, but I've bookmarked this recipe to try after Christmas. I hope all is well. Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

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