Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rose Paus

As a presence in a room with its scent, color, and shape, a rose can take possession of the viewer's innermost thoughts and emotions, making everything else look absurdly small in comparison. This you are talking about A Rose, but how about a plate full of Roses, edible ones? Yes, what are your innermost thoughts when you looked at this plate? Are your emotions all worked up? bet you would want to grap one and give it a good sniff. Oops, should have used some rose essence on the paus but for now the aroma of yeast has to please the nose..

You would hope to win the heart by giving a rose but by giving a plateful, i hope to satiate the stomach and increase your waistline.

Giving white roses says that you believe that your intentions are pure and that the recipient is worthy. This statement is so true, i am sharing this recipe with good pure intentions and all you recipients are definitely worthy


1 recipe of Pan Fried Pau Dough
1 tbsp shortening
1 tbsp sugar


Mix shortening and sugar together.

Divide ready risen dough into 55 gms/2 ozs portions and then each portion into 7 or 8 small pieces.

Flatten each of the small pieces into thin circles and brush shortening and sugar on 3/4 of the surface of the circles except a last piece which is to be brushed totally.

Arrange the circles one on top of another.  Using a chopstick, press onto the middle of the circles to adhere.

Roll the last piece up like you would roll a carpet.  Sharpen the 2 edges slightly. Place this piece on to the the arranged circles and then roll up the circles.

Using a sharp knife, cut the rolled up circles into half.

Place cut side down and using fingers, open up the petals. Let roses rest for 15 minutes before steaming.

Bring water to the boil in a steamer and then turn heat to simmer (high heat will disfigured the rose), steam the roses for 12 minutes.

Remove and serve hot with Tau Yue Bak or Red Cooked Pork or whatever you wish.



Lily Anette said...

Very Nice!

Anonymous said...


Tuty said...

Thanks for the tutorial, Lily. They look lovely. Happy Easter

jean` said...

well done! looks awesome!

Reese Darragh said...

That is so pretty! I must learn how to make that.

delia said...

very creative.

CaThY said...

You are simple awesome! The roses are so pretty! :)

lena said...

wow, first time seeing these rose paus!looks amazing, thanks for the pic tutorials!!

Nina, Brittany said...

Aunt Lily,

The Rose Paus look lovely. Happy Easter to you and your family.

DG said...

Too pretty to eat! Thanks for sharing us the step by step techniques. :)

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