Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I was so excited about this recipe that i did not realised that it was quite late in the afternoon and the sun will be down soon.  It is winter and by 4.30 pm, it will be dark and colder, so making bread will not be a good idea unless i am willing to stay up late.  Ok, i am willing to postpone my bedtime for this bread sake. So, i gathered  all the ingredients and started baking this Guggelhopf.  When the dough was ready for its  second proof, i was about to put it on top of the heater vent and found that the dishwasher was still warm after a load of washing.  I put the moulded dough in there which was steamy warm, the second proof was done fast and i could bake it and went beddy bye at the usual time.


3 eggs add enough water to make 1 cup to start with.  Adjust with more if necessary.
2 tbsp milk powder (Milk can be used instead of water and if using, omit the milk powder.)
1 tsp sugar
1 1/2  tsp salt
3 1/2 cups bread flour
1 1/2 tsp instant yeast
5 ozs/1 stick and 2 tbsp butter - room temperature - cut into small pieces
1/2 cups raisins
1/2 cup cranberries
1 tbsp cherry brandy/kirsch
Enough whole, peeled almonds for decoration(i used 16)
Powdered sugar for sprinkling

Firstly, put the eggs and water first into the bread maker's bowl, then follow by milk powder, sugar, salt, bread flour, lastly the instant yeast on top of the flour.

Choose the dough function and start the machine.

When the dough has come together, add in the butter by pieces.

Let the bread maker do it's duty.

Mix the raisins and cranberries with the cherry brandy and leave aside.

Grease the mould well with shortening and dust with flour. Arrange the whole peeled almonds on the bottom of the mould.

When the bread maker beeps in about 1 1/2 hrs time, remove dough onto the countertop.

Roll dough out into a large rectangle and spread the raisins and cranberries on the surface.  Roll dough up tightly like you would roll a carpet or the swiss roll and pinch in the seams. 

Form a ring by letting the two ends meet and pinch the ends together.

Put into prepared mould and let it proof until it has doubled its size and fill up the mould.

Preheat oven to 375f and bake Guggelhopf for 35 minutes.  Cover with foil if the surface browns too fast.

Remove from oven and let it rest on a cake rack for 5 minutes before removing from the mould.

Let cool completely before dusting with powdered sugar.

Enjoy afternoon tea with a cup of tea,coffee or a glass of Riesling or serve it for breakfast on Christmas or New Year's Day minus the Riesling of course..

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