Monday, October 11, 2010

Sweet Potato Ku

I cannot be any happier that these 'ku' turned out exceptional beautiful. The color was so natural and sweet, of course it was - no food coloring added - the culprit was orange sweet potato/yam. The filling is the usual mung bean - oh oh i have a story to relate about this filling, yes this particular bag of mung bean filling. It was a leftover from one of our cooking sessions(a group of us ladies gather every sunday and we cook and bake). So, one sunday, I was the first to arrive at Nellie's and Nellie went through her freezer and pulled out this bag, she asked if i wanted to eat durian. Of course i said yes, and we had to defrost it fast before the other ladies turn up, there won't be enough to go around. the durian looked so good, yellowish and looked seedless too. So, into the microwave it went for defrosting. After a minute of two, the bag came out of the microwave, Nellie and I laughed until tears came down and me with my incontinense, had to rush to the rest room - It was not durian but a bag of mung bean filling. The moral of the story was, we were bad hearted, we did not want to share and we got none too. I have learned my lesson and am sharing the mung bean filling with those who turned up for dinner last weekend. Hope they liked these cute bite-size 'ku'.


For the dough:

150 gm orange sweet potato/yam - mash immediately after steaming and keep it hot.
150 gm glutinious flour
50 ml thick coconut milk
50 ml hot boiling water
1/4 tsp salt
2 tbsp cooking oil


Follow the recipe from Angkoo Ah Mah Chew


Mix the glutinous rice flour, salt and coconut milk to the hot mashed sweet potato. Knead until dough does not stick to your hands - slightly on the wet side, it will dry out after resting. If the dough is soft and pliable, do not add in the water. Lastly add in oil and knead lightly till dough is shiny. Rest dough for at least 1 hr.

Scale the filling and dough according to the size of the mould. Flatten it and wrap in a filling. Seal and shape into a round/ Dust the mould with a little glutinious rice flour. Press firmly into the mould Knock and dislodge from mould. Place on oiled banana leaf. Continue process with the rest of the dough pieces.

Use tap water and wash off excess glutinious rice flour from the surface. Do it quickly and lightly before steaming the 'ku' over LOW heat for 5 - 10 minutes. Remove the steamer lid after 5 minutes to lower the heat as the pattern will not be as sharp if the heat is too high. Remove from steamer and brush with oil for a shiny surface.
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