Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Special Birthday Cake

Ngoc, turned 9 early this month and i made this cake for her, she chose the color of the doll's dress and the colors  of the icing.  It might not be very matching but it is her choice and i have to grant her wish.

All you need to make a bundt cake and a 10 inch round cake.  I made the Oil Pound Cake which turned out fantastic and doubled the recipe.

The icing/frosting is nothing new, the ever dependable Buttercream of which the recipe is HERE

When assembling the cake,  use the excess cake that are trimmed away and stuffed them into the hole of the bundt cake, so that the doll can sit comfortably.  The doll's dress might have to sewed in shorter so that it becomes a frill rather than a skirt.

My daughter, Sharon,  bought the doll and the pretty dress from the cake supply store in Malaysia.  In fact, she bought me 3 sets and every one of them are just as pretty.  Thank you, Sharon and

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