Thursday, November 24, 2011


Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth thursday in November each year and it is TODAY. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!. It is a special joyous family festival, well-commemorated to express gratitude and appreciation, a sincere thanksgiving offered to God for all His blessings, to the family, loved ones and friends for all their support. This is a holiday celebrated with lots of enthusiasm which involves family getting together from near and far, for a time of special communion and togetherness. In addition to family time, there are numerous activities and traditions which go along to make this day one of the most eventful days of the year, especially for Grandparents and Parents. Thanksgiving Dinner is usually the main event of the day and that's where the Turkey will be the center of attention.

I had better stop all these yaddy yaddy yaddy and get myself to some serious baking and cooking. But before i do that, i would like to express my thanks and appreciation to all my family, friends, readers, fellow bloggers for their support and their continuation to visit this humble blog. My greatest thanks go to Renee, who wrote so many wonderful things about me and said that i will love her forever, which i do and will love not only her but also Ashley and Alexander as well. I have enough of LOVE for all of them including the whole family.


With greatest gratitute, I wish you all HAPPY THANKSGIVING

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