Friday, July 15, 2011

Omelette Soup

When it comes to summer weeknight cooking, the name of the game is getting dinner on the table fast and not slave over a hot stove.  It is an added bonus when quick dishes like this soup can be so simple and delicious.  This soup is light enough to counteract the rising temperatures. and  guaranteed to cool you down on those hot summer days.  I am sure everyone knows about the popularity of The Egg Drop Soup and this soup is very closely related.  The ingredients are the same only the method is different -  for the Egg Drop Soup, the beaten egg is Dropped at the end of cooking but in this case, the beaten egg is Dropped into the pan at the beginning of cooking, making an omelette.


2 cups chicken/vegetable stock
2 eggs lightly beaten with 1/2 tsp salt
2 tbsp cooking oil
Chopped Spring Onions
Sesame oil and Ground pepper to taste


Heat wok until shimmering, then add in 2 tbsp oil.  When oil is hot, add in the beaten eggs, it should puff up.  Let omelettle brown on one side before flipping over.  When both sides are golden brown, break omelette up into bite size with the wok spatula.

Add in the stock and bring to the boil.

Soup is ready when the stock comes to a boil.  Turn off heat.

Garnish with chopped spring onions.

Serve with a dash of sesame oil and ground pepper.


simplybest55 said...

Like wat tarn thong.

Cath said...

Great meal on a budget, and very easy. Looks so yummy too!

Rebecca said...

Hi Lily, I'm surprised that you cooked this soup that we often cooked as I never see other people were cooking it ~~ !! But we fried the egg to 1/2 cooked ( break them up while frying )then pour in 1/2 to 1 cup water/ stock to let it boil at once, so we have some raw egg to cook in the liquid and it looked different, not a clear soup. I often add in some Dong chye in before off the fire.Have not cook this for sometime, will cook it tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.

Rebecca said...

I just remember that there is a recipe that add in some soaked Dong fun, spring onion in the beaten eggs and fry as omelette then cut into bite size and add it to the boiling stock. Last add in some tong chye to make the soup more tasty.

miera said...

hi aunty,

sorry to ask here but i would appreciate it very much if you could tell me the equivalent for agar-agar powder to agar-agar strips?

eg. 30g agar-agar powder is equal to 10g agar-agar strip.

thanks in advance!

lilyng said...


i can't tell you the equivalent but if you are using the powdered agar-agar, follow the pack instructions. For the agar agar strips, you would have to soak the strips, then drain them. Use the measuring cup - one cup of soaked agar agar strips add in 4 cups of water. Sugar is up to your taste.

miera said...


thanks for the info.

the recipe i'm interested is using 25g agar-agar powder but i don't have it :(

How many grams do you think i should use the agar-agar strips?

lilyng said...


how much liquid is required in this recipe which uses 25 gms agar agar powder? If it requires 8 cups which is 2000 ml, then you will need to have 2 cups of soaked strips.

miera said...

hi aunty,

the recipe that i would like to make is this which is agar-agar kemenyan:

how many grams of agar agar strips i have to add?

lilyng said...


in the agar agar kemenyan recipe it requires 2 litres, so it will be 8 cups. Then you would need to have 2 packets of agar agar strips of which one packet weighs 42 1/2 grams or 1 1/2 oz

miera said...

thanks for your reply ;)

if i want to make half the recipe, then i would need only 1 package of agar agar strips right?

and sorry, i don't understand this:

"one packet weighs 42 1/2 grams"

the largest packet that i often see is only 30g net ;(

lilyng said...


i suppose there are different sizes package packed from different parts of the world. if your packet is 30, then you can reduce water to 3 cups or if 4 cups of water is needed you can use 1 1/2 packets of 30 gm agar agar. does that make sense?

Everybody Eats Well in Flanders said...

Hi Aunty Lily

My mum always cooks this soup with kim chum tied with knots (golden lily buds?). I never asked her the recipe, now regretting cos I am so far away but luckily I still have your blog to refer to :)


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